DMSCO, Inc.  is alive and well.  What you are seeing now is the the newest iteration of how we want to help pcMRP customers.  Although, some may be suprised to know that this name and site has been around for quite some time, we just have not pushed the DMSCO traffic to this site.  Now that’s changing, so get ready for being inundated with great information from the staff at DMSCO, Inc. and the awesome developers at Software Arts, the makers of  pc MRP.


In the past and into the future, we have and will blog more about the wonders of how pc MRP can help your business.  In addition, we are more than just Dave going out to see your place or writing reports for you or identifying ways to enhance your business productivity.  DMSCO started many years ago as a little company called DesertView Management Services.  That company’s vision had a somewhat limited in scope of just helping companies through their consultive services, but now we have moved into much more.  The pc MRP software, web consulting, business consulting and more.


pc MRP is a fantastic MRP software for any manufacturing business that needs support with bills of material or material planning of any kind.  In addition to the standard MRP modules, additional advanced modules allow even further adaptation to your business needs.  As if that is not enough, we can help with custom coding and reporting to even further customize the software to suite your needs.  You will not find a more complete MRP software that can compete with pc MRP in the price range that we exist in.

Materials are the lifeblood of any manufacturing company, but it is the most ignored function until things go wrong.  Every company uses materials for items they build, so they have to keep two things in mind.  The optimal position is the same number of days worth of inventory on hand, so all of the products replenishment would be simultaneous.  The secondary goal of inventory proportionality is inventory minimization.  Check out the video!


It is obvious that in order to manufacture, some sort of resource is necessary.   Whether it be an internal or external, manufacturing requires that you have them and have them planned according to your bills of material. Your bills of material, or BOM’s, are your recipe that is used to develop your product.  The fun starts when you have to plan what potential customers need, and when they need it!  Here is a short snipit of how the Inventory module looks.

After all the materials and the necessary resources are identified to use, a  plan should be developed, of which products are to be produced and in what quantities.  This is to ensure that they are able to meet current and future customer demand, all at the lowest possible cost. Making a bad decision in any of these areas will make the company lose money.  pcMRP is a tool to deal with these problems keeping in mind it can do infinite bucket forecasting as well.

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